Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heading to Alberta - May 2008 - Day 4

Some days when you are away are for staying put and exploring where you are, other days are traveling days. Day 4 was one of those. After stopping in Kamloops at an RV dealer for the necessary part to make repairs to the toilet system, we turned north towards Barrier, Clearwater and eventually, Avola - just south of Blue River. Our intention had been to visit with 'Den Mother'. Unfortunately that extra day spent at Juniper Beach meant 'Den Mother' was at work although we didn't realize that at the time, just found no one home, so once again, headed north.

By this time the day is getting on so headed to Mt. Robson Provincial Park. We have stopped at this park before but never actually stayed there since we are usually heading in the opposite direction and the timing just never seemed right - that and the fact that one time we stopped the gigantic mosquitoes chased us back into our vehicle!

There were no such problems this time and we found a lovely campsite, in what turned out to be a lovely campground. The terrain, tall trees and thick forest was reminiscent of the coast. There was very little birdlife in the park, apart from crows, but there were quite a few of these Red Squirrels who seemed extremely busy and gave you 'what for' whenever you walked by.
At the back of the campground there was a large grassy area with playground and picnic sites. This female Elk or 'Wapati' was enjoying the fresh grass. She is rather shaggy looking as she was loosing her thick winter coat.

These little wildflowers were growing at the edge of the grassy area. Without consulting my wildflower book, I think they are native 'Jacob's Ladder'. A native plant variety that is now found in all sorts of cultivated forms for the garden.

And here is Mt. Robson in all it's glory. Mt. Robson is probably most famous for always having it's top shrouded in cloud. I don't know how many times we have been amused by tourists at the visitor center, busy pointing cameras and taking pictures of what would be the top of the mountain if they could see it. No such problems this day as it was crystal clear without a could in site.

Stopped at the visitor center and gas station and then hit the road, headed for Jasper National Park.

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