Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to the Dempster, 2011 – Part 1

It has taken me a while to post this trip.  I had initially decided to do a book on the trip for Christmas presents and I had started one, but wasn’t pleased with it…so decided to just blog it…and I guess you could say, ‘better late than never’!

We started the trip in a convoluted manner…going first to Vancouver Island to visit the children and grandchildren, then headed back over to the mainland, traveling up the sea to sky highway, spending our first night at Nairn Falls Provincial Park just outside of Pemberton.

The River at Nairn Falls

A nice enough campground I guess, but really we should have pushed on and stayed somewhere along the Duffy Lake Road…

View from lookout along Duffy Lake Road

Scene from a viewpoint on the very twisty winding Duffy Lake Road.  It was a long haul from Nairn Falls to our next stop, equally uninspiring…the campground at Lac la Hache


This squirrel was about the most exciting thing there…but then it was just somewhere to spend the night…and next day we made it through Prince George and turned west…

Waves lapping the shoreline arriving at Beaumont Provincial Park on Fraser Lake, in the late afternoon…

The campsite

now we were starting to feel like we were actually on a holiday…

Young Cedar Waxwing in Saskatoon Bush

and finally now there were some birds to see… this young Cedar Waxwing ….

Cedar Waxwing Family

This mother was still feeding these youngsters…this was in early August.

Waxwing family

another look…..

American Redstart

there were also American Redstarts here….

American Redstart

and here…I think a young male….these birds never hold still…making it very difficult to get decent was also very windy that day as the weather was about to change and not for the best!

White-throated Sparrow with a berry in it's mouth

found a White-throated Sparrow – if it looks a bit weird it is because it has a Saskatoon berry in its beak…there are a lot of Saskatoon bushes in this park and the birds were making full use of the ripe berries!

Young Sapsucker

A young Sapsucker – a Red-napped I think…

Red-eyed Vireo

and a Red-eyed Vireo…

The aim of this trip was to be a search for fall colours…unfortunately it wasn’t ‘fall’ here, yet, but the plan was that it would be fall by the time we got up on the Dempster highway…here it was at best ‘late summer’…

Canon part 1 027

so we documented the colour we could find…like these Asters at the entrance to our campsite…


and this Northern Goldenrod.

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