Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to the Dempster – part 3

In real time it is such a horrible day that I have to escape somewhere, anywhere, so even though the weather wasn’t great back on August 15th, it was better than it is here on January 4th!  Everyone who RV’s has a favorite spot – for those that know us, you know ours is Tunkwa Lake….for our friends in Terrace – it is Kiniskan…so the plan was that we would give them 24 hrs to pack their 5th wheel and then we would meet at Kiniskan Provincial Park, which is the middle one of the 3 campgrounds on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway….since they had a long haul from Terrace we figured they wouldn’t arrive until late so we took our time getting ready to leave, and then, we didn’t think there was any sense going out to Stewart, but we did head out that way to see the Bear Glacier….

Parked by Bear Glacier

We’d forgotten just how far along that road it was….

Bear Glacier

and there it is…getting smaller and smaller all the time…I remember being here when the ice was almost right beside the road…

Mountain Glacier

at this point we turned around and headed back to the highway…this was another small glacier beside the road….and see…sunshine!

Beside the highway

up on the hillside just a hint of fall colour – maybe there is hope after all!

Continued on through Bell Two where we stopped for fuel because in this country you buy fuel when you find it….through Dease Lake until we reached…

Pentex 030

the rest area with two names….neither of which I can remember at the moment!

Bold Raven's

There were some very pushy Ravens here….

Enough already!

Shantz tolerated them until one decided to grab her crust of bread…(Shantz loves bread – don’t ask me why!)

Common Raven with a stick

they did give me an opportunity to get the best Raven pictures I’ve ever gotten – not sure what this guy planned to do with this stick…

Calm Kiniskan

back on the road and pulled into the campground at Kiniskan….just got backed in….

Elaine and Don's campsite

and our friends pulled in right behind us…that is us in the background..

Cooking breakfast

this was taken the next morning…I was standing in the door of the camper…it shows how close all the campsites in this campground are to the lake…

Common Loon on Kiniskan

speaking of the lake…Ernie took this picture just after we pulled in…those were all Common Loons out there…we never saw that many again…

and I’ll continue with Kiniskan a bit later….

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  1. Kathy,maybe you should do A one day and B the next cuz when I logged in it went straight to B......It was then that I felt something was disjointed in your story line and went searching older posts.
    Hey! One a day makes it last longer :)