Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 8a

Am going to have to break this one into two parts due to the sheer volume of pictures I have!  Mind you we spent 2 days at this next spot so guess that accounts for all the pictures…. Woke up at Twin Lakes to find the day pretty much like it had been…cloudy…our neighbour (the campground had filled up in the evening) informed us a black bear had been in our campsite in the morning….we were totally oblivious – some nature watchers we are!

The road ahead

Set out, headed north on the Klondike Highway, and as we got further north the weather improved.  First stop was at Five Finger Rapids…

The stairs down

We’ve been here before, but this time we elected to go down the steps…..

Down close to the rapids

Ernie and Shantz continued on the trail…getting closer to the river…

Yukon River - 5 Finger Rapids

but even they didn’t go all the way to the viewing platform…

and back up

the problem with going down…is you have to go back up…fortunately there wasn’t anyone else there to see me crawl my way back up…


and these signs, located at various landings…gave an excuse to pause for breath..

and another sign

here is another one…one thing you have to say about the Yukon is they have excellent signage at tourist attractions…

Being adored and lapping it up

by the time Ernie and Shantz made their way back, a bus full of tourists from B.C.’s Okanagan had arrived…Shantz proved to be the main attraction!

Five Finger Rapids from the viewing platform

That is what you are supposed to be admiring!

Wild Flax

Took this picture while I was waiting for them to get back…those are the ‘bluest’ Blue Flax I have ever seen!


continuing one we reached the edge of the Beringa…the area of the continent that wasn’t covered in ice during the last ice age….reached Stewart Crossing in the afternoon and decided to take a side trip to Mayo…

Moose calving ground along the highway

it was drizzling a bit again…but we stopped at this area that is a moose calving ground in spring.  There is apparently quite an extensive trail system here but it didn’t appear to be very well kept up and besides, it was getting late…

The Stewart River

further yet there was a pull out with this view of the Stewart River…

another sign

and accompanying signage…when we reached the intersection where we had a choice of going to the town site, or the campsite, we elected on the campsite…

the lake in afternoon sunshine

and found Five Mile Lake Territorial Park, on Five Mile Lake…there was a day use area at one end and at the other, an absolutely lovely little campground…

The campsite

we quickly chose a lovely site that backed onto the lake.  Several other sites were occupied and more people came in for the night, but for the rest of the afternoon and most of the next day, we pretty much had the place to ourselves…and what a place!

Peaceful afternoon

there is the lake….

Ground Dogwood Berries

here are some of the Ground Dogwood in full ‘berry’…

More Grounddog wood berries

there is another one …

Mushroom in amongst Bastard Toadflax

a mushroom of some sort and more of that Bastard Toadflax – notice how it is getting redder as we get further north?

Bog Cranberry

and Bog Cranberry….

Young Red-necked Grebe on lake

 out on the lake, a couple of young Red-necked Grebes….no sign of the parents…they have no doubt headed south.

Bleeding Mycena

think these little guys are Bleeding Mycena

and closer yet

and Red Squirrels….

Natural modern art!

this interesting looking Birch Tree trunk was in our campsite…I figure it is nature’s modern art!

Last Rose of summer?

and I’ll close for now with this one I have to call ‘the last rose of summer’…tomorrow we’ll continue on exploring this wonderful little place! 

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