Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 4

When last we left we were at Kiniskan Provincial Park…

Kiniskan in the morning - fresh snow on mountain peak woke up that morning to fresh snow on the mountain peaks…this was August 16th.  The next stretch, from Kiniskan to Boya Lake goes over it’s highest point – Gnat Pass ….I was looking forward to seeing what this looked like without ice and snow…

Gnat Pass

and there is the answer…this is looking at the road ahead…and yes that is snow on the back hill

Gnat Pass - looking back

and this is looking back the way we had come…it would have been more worth exploring if it weren’t for the bitter wind that was so strong you could barely stand up in it!

Lower Gnat Lake

another look at this alpine area…this directly across from the pullout…you’ll note that it was actually sunny!!!

Parked at the store

Next stop was Jade City…where we did some early Christmas Shopping…this small community exists because of the Jade mines in the area.

Looking towards Good Hope Lake

on we go…headed now to Good Hope Lake – this is really to show you people that fear the Stewart Cassiar highway, that it is just a road and a pretty good one at that.

Bald Eagle perched beside lake

There was a Bald Eagle perched beside the road – not that we haven’t seen one of those before!

Ring-neck Duck Family

and a family of Ring-neck Ducks…the ducklings almost full size…

Boya Lake

and finally reached our destination….and yes…staying in the exact spot we had before…but this time it was purely by accident as all the others in the area (although not in the campground) were occupied.

Boya Lake

Boya Lake is famous for it’s colour…I don’t normally like the tone Ernie’s Panasonic camera gives to landscapes, but in this case it is the most accurate – that is the colour of the lake!

Gray Jay

The Gray Jays were there to greet us as soon as we got parked…

Boreal Chickadee

and a very ‘worn’ Boreal Chickadee….not at all co-operative for a picture…  This had been a very ‘birdy’ spot when we had been here in late May/early June…with the number of people camped here this time there wasn’t the same opportunity to search for birds…

Evening at Boya

In the evening Ernie took Shantz for a walk around the end of the lake…

look what I found!

where she found this wonderful treasure which she insisted on carrying all the way back to the campsite…a distance of several kilometers…once she got it home she never paid any more attention to it.  The next occupants of the campsite must have wondered about this ancient bone sitting in the middle of it.

Evening Rainbow

The day ended with a rainbow over the lake…and tomorrow, we’ll finally cross the border into Yukon.

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