Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 15a

Seems like getting this trip posted is taking almost as long as the trip itself!  Here goes some more…we would spend this day at the Tombstone Territorial Campground…

The visitor center

In the morning we walked the trail from the campground to the new visitor’s center…

Sign at the visitor center

this is quite a remarkable ‘off the grid’ building…this sign explains some of it’s features…

Beaver Pond trail signage

from the south end of the parking lot at the visitor center there is a very easy ‘Beaver Pond Trail’ – Ernie had done it the night before, but this morning I got to come along…

start of the trail

the entrance to the trail cautions that there is a ‘bear in area’….

looking back

and not too much further along – you find the ‘bear’ – this is a Willow sculpture by a Yukon artist and is very lifelike, and life size…


there were some very pretty areas along the trail….

Signage along the path

and more great explanatory signage…

The Beaver Pond

and here is the Beaver Pond…

Beaver lodge sculpture

and another Willow sculpture – this time it is a Beaver lodge…

Beaver tracks

the viewing platform at the pond has ‘beaver tracks’ leading from the pond to the ‘lodge’…

Ernie at the viewing platform

this picture sort of displays the whole area…


one area along the trail sported this ‘Cotton grass’

Caribou tracks

and the track theme continued with Caribou here….

and tiny tracks - lemming maybe?

and here some little tiny guy’s…possibly Lemming?

Canon part 2 087

heading back, there is the visitor center in the distance.

A little inukshuk

and I’ll just finish this section with this picture that Ernie took of a little Inukshuk someone built on one of the posts at the visitor center….

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