Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 15b

Today I’ll finish up our last day at Tombstone Territorial park, and hence on the Dempster highway, with miscellaneous pictures taken that day, which would have been August 28th, 2011

Mountain Harebell

Here is another Mountain, or Alpine Harebell picture – this one taken by Ernie – his little old Panasonic camera does take great macro shots!

The trail

This is the start of the Klondike trail…you can branch off and do a loop which is what I’m going to do, or you can walk about as far as you want to back up into the mountains…

Orange-crowned Warbler and Boreal Chickadee

all the bushes were absolutely alive with birds…but photographing them was another thing!  Here was an Orange-crowned Warbler on the left and a Boreal Chickadee on the right…

So you want Fall Colours!

Shantz was still with us…blending into the fall colours very nicely…

Appy too

while April preferred to blend into the bed – we’re still dealing with eye issues here…

Orange crowned Warbler

Speaking of blending in….here is another of those Orange-crowned Warblers…

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

this one, a pretty obvious ‘Ruby crowned Kinglet’ – you can even see the ‘ruby’

Orange-crowned Warbler

another Orange-crowned Warbler – there were lots!!!

Slate coloured Dark Eyed Junco

a slate coloured Dark-eyed Junco – not being terribly co-operative…in fact none of the birds were terribly co-operative…too busy preparing to migrate I imagine…

Wilson's Warbler

a Wilson Warbler here…

a different kind of 'bird'

and up over the ridge – another type of ‘bird’ entirely! – Yup they have those things up here too.

Yellow-rump Warbler

back to the real birds – Yellow-rump Warblers…

Boreal Chickadee

and another attempt at a Boreal Chickadee…

Evening shadows

Evening…and Ernie is preparing to head out for a walk with Shantz…

Evening shower

not much later a little shower moved in…

Evening downpour

next a down pour!

Evening rainbow

ending with a rainbow!  And of course they got soaked.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Dawson City and then starting south…

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