Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 20

Now, on Sunday of the Labor Day long weekend, we would pack up and head back up the Alaska Highway to the campsite at the Liard Hot Springs…

Highway? who cares!

hadn’t gone very far up the highway when we encountered this herd of Wood Bison….

Bison on the bank

so might as well take some time and look at Wood Bison pictures…

walkin' on the road

why did the bison cross the road?  To tie up traffic would be my guess!

now a young one

they learn young…

adult and young one

more of them out this window as well…

little guy

kind of cute in a homely way…


Pentex 548

and this would be the best ‘head shot’ I’d get – look at all the burrs and bits in the fur….needs a good grooming! 

Liard Hot Springs

proceeded on to the campground, and true to his word, the park host had saved us a spot.  It was even a fairly private spot in this rather packed campground.  By now the weather had cleared so we set off for a walk along the boardwalk to the actual hot springs…this is along the way…

Mallards in the reeds 

there were a family of Mallards paddling around in the warm water….

Mallard in the muck

closer look at one of them and the ‘muck’ they were feeding in….

a drainage area

this spot is a bit ‘off trail’ and behind where the actual hot springs are located…

The hanging gardens

the boardwalk now ends at the hanging gardens – not looking terribly ‘garden like’ this time of the year.  You used to be able to walk to the upper springs, but that has now been completely blocked off due to a very rare endangered snail that lives in those springs…

along the boardwalk

here is some of the vegetation along the board walk…

The hot springs

and a small corner of the hot springs themselves…I really didn’t want a picture of all the occupants of the springs…

Black Bear

Later, Ernie went back to indulge in a soak in the springs…and found that the signs warning ‘Bear in area’ are there for a reason as this guy was walking along not far from the board walk….

Black Bear up a tree in the campground

later in the afternoon, either the same, or another bear was in the campground – see it up that tree?

like father, like daughter....

I like to call this picture ‘like father, like daughter’ – what were they staring at?

Black Bear in a tree

the bear of course!!

That would pretty much be it for our stay at Laird Hot Springs.  The next day we’d be heading to a spot I wanted to stay at….

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