Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 18

This won’t be a very exciting posting.  It was September 2nd when we left Whitehorse and headed east on the Alaska Highway.

The countryside

it is a long stretch…

The countryside

stopped at one point along the Alaska Highway – this is the view on one side…

Moose down there

and on the other a large marsh area….there were a couple of Moose down there…

Moose in the swamp

Like the ones at Gravel Lake – too far away for decent pictures – this was the most moose we’ve seen on anyone trip though…

Ranchera Falls

Stopped at Rancheria Falls again…

Mushrooms stored in tree

Found this interesting – the squirrels have been storing various mushrooms up in the trees – presumably to dry for a winter food supply…

Smith's Amanita (?)

and speaking of mushrooms there were a lot of these very pretty white ones at the entrance of the trail…not sure of the ID…closest thing I can find are Smith’s Amanita – if that is the case then they are also very poisonous!

Campsite at Big Creek Territorial Campground

Our spot for the night would be at Big Creek Territorial Campground – we had stayed here on our previous trip – although we swore it’s name should have been Big ‘Mosquito’ campground as it was the worst spot for mosquitoes we encountered.  Not so this time – bugs simply weren’t an issue this trip.  Had we realized at the time that there was another campground not too far down the road near Watson Lake, we would have pushed on – live and learn!  As it was we made the best of this rather uninspiring spot.

Big Creek

this is ‘Big Creek’….I went for a bit of a walk on the little bit of trail that exists there…


Found this, which appears to be a very late blooming cut-leaf Anemone

Red Clover

Was also intrigued by this clover – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen clover quite that colour before!

Red Clover

Here is a close up of one of the flowers…

Don't know

there were also these strange fungi that I can’t find in my book…

have no idea

and these, younger versions of the same type I think…

Lichen of some sort

and this – a type of lichen I think, but again, I can’t find it in my books…

Colourful fireweed

Some brilliant flower weed…and that would about do it.  The next day would be far more productive in terms of things to photograph!

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