Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 15

On this morning, the 29th of August 2011, we would reluctantly leave Tombstone Territorial Park..

Beaver Pond from the highway

after a cool night, it promised to be a nice day.  We stopped at the Beaver Pond as it looks from the highway..


there is the Beaver Lodge….


and Ernie wanted a nice close picture to show the skim of ice that had formed overnight.

Cross Fox

We then traveled back to the Klondike Highway and headed back to Dawson City.  This ‘Cross Fox’ was walking along the side of the road.  I gather there are ‘Red Foxes’ (we had seen lots of those on our previous trip but none this trip) and ‘Arctic Foxes’ which is what we saw this trip at Ogilvie Lookout…when these two species ‘cross’ – you apparently get this ‘Cross Fox’..

Cross Fox

we pulled over and watched it but it just wasn’t terribly co-operative for pictures..

First order of business - wash it!

the first order of business upon arriving at Dawson City was visiting a car wash!

Parked at the river front

Next we stopped at the river front park to give the dogs a walk as we were heading to the Prospector RV park and we knew from past experience there wasn’t much space between units so Shantz would have to be on a very short tie out.  It was also getting very warm – mid twenties….

Yukon River at Dawson City

That is looking down river on the Yukon River as it flows past Dawson City..

the river

Ernie later went back and took some more pictures…this would be looking up river…

River boat

this paddle wheeler does tours on the river, something that would be interesting to do if you weren’t tied down with dogs – it was just too hot to leave them shut up in the truck.


These were actually taken the next morning when it had cooled and was showering…these are some of the stores that line the river front street – we did some early Christmas Shopping in that Outfitter store..

The town square

there is another section…and the ‘town square’ I guess…

Downtown Dawson City

and one more.  Staying at the RV park had been a necessity in order to have internet and do some laundry…

another look

You recall the mini minor/travel trailer combination that had been at the Arctic Circle (and was later at Tombstone with us)…that was the ‘small’ – this was the extreme opposite!  This is about the biggest RV we have ever seen…mind you they had 7 children so I guess it was needed…

So we will pick this up again the next day when we start the homeward journey…’home’ being still a couple of weeks away.

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