Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 22

Having a sort of ‘blah’ day today in ‘real time’, so probably a good time to report on a sort of ‘blah’ section of this trip…in fact the rest of the trip with the exception of the last stop will be sort of ‘blah’…

approaching the Peace

We left Summit Lake in the morning, negotiated our way along the highway, through the northern end of the rocky mountains and out the other side…now heading to the Peace River Country….this is the general terrain as we carried on towards Fort Nelson

Vetch and grasses

took some pictures of the late season grass’s and various types of vetch in flower…

Vetches, clovers and grasses

some others here…


there was a lookout point just before the town of Fort Nelson…we pulled in, planning on getting out and stretching our legs…


when we spotted this guy in the same rest area….

Black Bear

needless to mention we didn’t get out of the truck…but we did manage to get some of the best Black Bear pictures I’ve ever got!

yup! it's bear proof!

he checked out the ‘bear proof’ garbage containers – yes they really are ‘bear proof’…

or not

and ambled about….thought about our camper for a minute, but then changed his mind…the truck was idling so we would have changed his mind for him if he hadn’t.

Young Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

continued on to Fort Nelson where there is a dump station at the visitors center.  The center is closed ‘off season’ but the dump station was accessible.  It was hot and I had the windows down and could hear something ‘tapping’….there is only one lone tree in the middle of the parking area by the dump station and this young Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was on that tree – sort of goes to show you just never know when you’ll see something!

Buckinghorse River Provincial Park

Pulled into Bucking horse River Provincial Park campground…..


and decided to spend the night.  This isn’t a very exciting campground but it was open (self serve) and we had the place pretty much to ourselves…

Gray Jay

there were some Gray Jay’s here that were obviously used to people – mind you there is a very large work camp just the other side of the road from the campground so no doubt they really are used to people.

Buckinghorse River

this is the river that gives the place it’s name…

Sopalia Berries

only other thing of interest was this Soopollie bush – absolutely covered in berries.

The next day would be the most frustrating and miserable day of the entire trip….and the next not much better so I’ll probably blend the two….

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