Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – the final installment

Today we’ll bring this trip to a close.  We finished it as we end most trips….with a few days to recoup at our favorite spot….Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park…

evening glow

the heat continued…up into the low 30’s during the day, but thankfully cooled off in the evening once the sun had set…  Due partly to the heat and partly to a medical situation that had been escalating throughout this trip didn’t do much but stick pretty close to the campsite….so will just show a few misc. pictures taken during that time….

Hairy Woodpecker

the juniper bushes were a constant beehive of activity….here a Hairy Woodpecker…

Yellow-rump Warbler in Juniper

and here a Yellow-rump Warbler, of which there were lots…also some young White-crowned Sparrows and Lincoln Sparrows.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglets were about in large numbers as well…

Juvenile Redtail hawk in flight

I thought this might be something rare and exciting, but turns out it was a young Red-tail Hawk…


In the animal department, there were a few Chipmunk around…

Marmot in the tree

this Yellow-bellied Marmot was the only one I saw – unusual to be up in a tree…


a muskrat in the water….

Fall Aster and bug

a few Fall Asters were still in flower, attracting various insects…


saw a few dragonflies…


but mostly we just looked forward to the moon rising and the air cooling off….

Pentex 741

as this trip drew to a conclusion.

We would be back to Tunkwa in a few weeks time to finish off the camping season, as we always do, with Thanksgiving at Tunkwa.

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