Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 21 b

The campsite

Reached Summit Lake Provincial Park by mid-afternoon and got a nice campsite right on the lake.  This is a lovely little alpine lake…but as it turns out, this would be the last night it would be open.  This is something that makes me furious about B.C. provincial campgrounds….I can understand not having a host at sites in the off season, but must they be gated!!!!  Why not just leave them until nature shuts them down.  People do travel in September, even way up here and need a place to park….and things weren’t to get much better as we headed south!


I was standing on a foot bridge at the outlet of the lake to get this picture.  You can just see the back of our camper and the Alaska highway as it runs along the far shore.  There was a steady stream of RV’s heading east along the road, all the long weekenders heading back home to Fort St. John!

Fall colour along the trail

spent the afternoon wandering along the trail that ran on the far shore of the lake….there were also a network of trails that went up the hill and on to further spots – but wasn’t up to the climb.

Creeping Raspberry and Bear Berry

contented myself with getting other shots…like the above…

Creeping Raspberry berry

and this one showing a Creeping Raspberry ‘raspberry’ – something I’d never seen before!

Wild Strawberry berries

there were also Wild Strawberry ‘strawberries’ something you rarely see as someone has usually eaten them!

Fall Colour

It was just very pretty….

Creeping Raspberries

Here are some even better ‘raspberries’…

another late anemone

a late flowering anemone – I imagine this hillside is pretty spectacular in spring with wildflowers…

Mighty Fisherman

Ernie decided to try his luck at fishing for a bit – didn’t catch anything….

Evening shot from bridge

this was a late evening shot…also from the outlet of the lake..

Lincoln Sparrow

Birds were virtually non-existent…but I did spot this Lincoln’s Sparrow…

Busy Beaver

and there were obviously some rather industrious Beaver in the area.

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