Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 19

Left Big Creek campground the morning of September 3rd.  We were now into the Labor Day weekend but, as it turns out, naively thought that it wouldn’t make a difference ‘up here’.

Watson Lake

stopped at Watson Lake to dump the holding tanks.  There is a nice little park here with a free dumpsite…

Red-neck Grebe feeding young - September 3

while Ernie did the dirty work I wandered about and was surprised to see this Red-necked Grebe youngster, still being fed by a parent..

Fall Colour

duties done we were soon back on the highway….that is the Laird River down there…

Nice over view - swans in distance

at another spot along the highway we saw a family of Swans way off in the distance…

Canon part 2 207

we are now back in British Columbia and also back in ‘Bison’ country…

Buffalo head

here is an up close and personal look at a Wood Bison head….

Pentex 500

stopped at the Laird River – there is a very small ‘rough and ready’ camping area here…

Liard River

The river makes an abrupt turn at his point…

Fall Aster

These asters were in flower – not sure of the exact variety that they are…

Our plan had been to stay at Laird Hot Springs, however, when we got there the campground was full (remember it was Labor day weekend and this is a campground you can reserve and as we found out – it is a favorite long weekend destination for residents of Fort St. John)  so we continued on to Muncho Lake …

McDonald Campground - Muncho Lake

Where we found McDonald Campground on the north end of Muncho Lake to still have some vacancies so we quickly grabbed a spot.   I much prefer this campground to Laird…far more scenic and far less busy…but Ernie, for some reason had his heart set on staying at the hot springs…

Muncho Lake in the evening

All of these campsites back right onto the lake.

Different perspective

In spring the wildflowers in this campground are spectacular….now it was time for ‘fall colour’

late flower

found a few late bloomers….

Interesting seed head

and some interesting seed heads – I’m not sure what this is a seed head off…

interesting vegetation

but they were quite tall as this picture shows…

High Bush CranberryThe High-bush Cranberry were pretty spectacular…

Northern Grass of Parnassus

and there were some of those Northern Grass of Parnassus here as well.

Evening Lake  

here is an evening shot of the lake…


and another….if you notice there are some birds just off of those reeds…

Greater White-fronted Geese

They were Greater White-fronted Geese.   They had been on shore when Ernie (who took this picture) had been in the area, but had moved out by the time I got there.

Juvenile Bald Eagle

This juvenile Bald Eagle was also there but it was getting pretty dark for taking pictures by this time.  It was about this time that the park manager came to collect fees and when Ernie complained about not being able to get into Liard….the fellow said ‘no problem’ I’ll leave your name at the gate, and save a spot for you…so in the morning we would be retracing our route back to Liard Hot Springs.

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