Friday, February 24, 2012

Thanksgiving at Tunkwa 2011

In real time I am sitting here watching the snow pile up outside….so seems like the ideal time to go back to last Thanksgiving and post some random pictures we took at Tunkwa. 


I think this pretty much summed up Tunkwa in mid October – this view was out of the back door of the camper…

Frosty Morning

We woke to frost one morning….at least we weren’t  tenting like some people!

The bluff

and I love this picture of the bluff with fall colour….do you think it is time for them to remove the rest of the dead trees and let the live ones take over?….can’t decide…we’re so used to seeing dead trees here!

Fall at Tunkwa

the end of a hot dry summer is evident in this picture…

The Aspen grove

and at the Aspen grove….

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebirds were still there – they are like us – they arrive about Easter time and leave about Thanksgiving….unlike us they get to stay there the whole time in between!

Yellow-rump Warbler

Yellow-rump Warblers were still there too – they arrive a little later than the bluebirds

snipping snipe

still some shorebirds around ….like this Wilson’s Snipe

Four of them

and these which I’m pretty sure were young Long-billed Dowitcher – they showed up the morning we were leaving…when the weather had turned and it was raining…

Muskrat with lunch

Muskrats are there year round…


and the chipmunks were very busy….got some adorable pictures of the little guys…

Stretching for a seed

stretching to get grass seed heads – see that grass is good for something other than getting stuck between dog’s toes…

saying hi

Love this picture….

Chipmunk kisses

and this one where they seem to be sharing a kiss…


So that will bring our camping year to a close….but not to worry….spring is coming (although you’d never know it today!) and we’ll be back on the road soon!

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