Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 8b

So let’s return to Five Mile Lake…

The habitat

the second day dawned bright and promising and trails beckoned….

closer look at the robin

before we started…want to point out a few of the birds that were there…including American Robin (only a couple)

Gray Jay

Gray Jays…but these guys acted different from other Gray Jays we’ve encountered…they just never sat still!  They would come gliding in, completely silent and move from branch to branch and trunk to trunk…I think I took a dozen pictures and this is the only one where the bird was still enough for the picture to turn out..

Squirrel gathering nesting material

and then the squirrels..noticed this guy collecting large mouthfuls of nesting material…

Checking out a kleenex

I dropped a tissue and he quickly ran over and inspected it…

gather it up

shoved it in his mouth….

and add it to the nest

and ran up to insert it in this squirrel nest…apparently these guys don’t really hibernate but spend the winter in these ‘nests’, venturing out on days when the weather is appropriate.

start of fall colour

we set off along the lakeshore trail, headed for the end of the lake where the day use area was…

Colourful ground

along the way…

Pixie Cup Lichen, British Soldier lichen and other mushrooms

mushrooms and lichens..

British Soldier Lichen

I think, after searching on the internet…this is British Soldier Lichen…

Size demonstration

and then there was this – the pen is for size comparison.  I think it is a Hawk wing Mushroom but it looks like something out of science fiction or Harry Potter!

Hawk Wing

There is another one that Ernie found…

lake behind the lake

part way along the trail, or leading off from the main trail…was this ‘lake behind the lake’ – apparently a Sandhill Crane nesting site in season…in fact I imagine the place is alive during breeding season!

Black-capped Chickadee

we reached the far end just as a big mixed flock of little migrants had landed and were feeding in the willows…here a Black-capped Chickadee…

Sleepy young Junco

more of those young Juncos…

Orange Crowned Warbler

and lots and lots of these Orange crowned Warblers!  They look different from what we see down south on the coast because these are the ‘Taiga’ variant rather than the ‘Pacific’

and here...

the bushes were full of them…some of them looking pretty scruffy!


so one more look at some of the ‘fall colour’ ground cover…the bright red is ‘Bear Berry’ and we’ll be seeing more of this in days to come…

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