Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 11 (I think)

I’m going to try  to take my mind off of all the things that are going wrong in real time as we are, caught in a bit of a deep freeze – something we aren’t really used to or completely prepared for down here by the 49th parallel.

Back in August we woke up to sunny skies at Tombstone Territorial Campground..

Campground in the morning

Temperatures had been cool over night to the point that there was ice on the picnic table…

the road ahead

left the campsite and headed up the hill …stopped at the lookout – this is the way we are headed – that is the North Klondike River down there…

looking back at campground 

that is looking back at the campground…nestled down in the middle there..

Fresh Snow

and note the dusting of snow on the mountain tops – it was the 24th of August.

closer look

This stretch of road across the tundra is one of the most scenic of the entire route, at least it had been during our spring trip – it had also been alive with wildlife…this trip, this female Moose was the only wildlife seen…

Pentex 293

We stopped at various points along the way.  This is Chapman Lake and is the northern end of Tombstone Territorial Park.  You can see the foliage is starting to get it’s fall colour…also, the sun hadn’t lasted for very long…

Tundra foliage

a close up of some of the Tundra Plants…Bear Berry mainly…also Crow Berry…

Colour on the Tundra

Here is another look – Ernie off there in the distance – actually he is on the road..


Found these little mauve flowers which I think are Bitter Fleabane..

Pentex 285

Two Moose Lake was another stop…in fact I think you get to Two Moose Lake before you get to Chapman Lake…at least it was still sunny at Two Moose Lake!

Buffleheads and Scaups

There were quite a few ducks on it…Bufflehead and Scaup…no moose…

Two Moose Lake

another look at Two Moose Lake…

Where we'd been

Continued on into the Ogilvie Mountains….this is looking back the way we had come…

Through the Ogilvies

The road ahead…Yellow-Mountain Avens - fall colour

all that is left of the Yellow-mountain Avens this time of the year..

Ogilvie Mountains

 there are some pretty interesting rock formations along this route…

up on the hillside

more rocks…this is where we saw Dahl Sheep the spring trip – none this trip.


arrived at Engineer Creek Territorial campground – what a muddy mess!

The campsite

selected a site that wasn’t too bad for mud…notice the aspens are quite yellow here…this is a tiny campground and was pretty much filled up come night time.

behind the campground

that mountain behind the campground is called Sapper Hill…

Engineer Creek

This is Engineers Creek and that water is the recommended drinking source!!!  there is no other supply of water at this campground.

The highway by Engineer Creek

This is the Dempster Highway by Engineers Creek campground.  It is really the only place to go for a walk although a little scary….you’ll see I had reason to be nervous when we are on our return trip!


I should know what these are but right now I can’t think…just thought they made a neat ‘fall’ picture…

Along the highway

and here is a last look at the area around the campground…the only birds seen were a Gray Jay and an Orange Crowned Warbler…

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