Saturday, January 28, 2012

Back to the Dempster 2011 – Part 14b

Another one of those days around here in real time…keeps snowing but then changes its mind to rain…and back to snow…so back to the Dempster where it was a picture perfect day!

Fall on the Dempster

The colour is really starting to show up – I bet a week later it would have been spectacular…


although you can’t get much more spectacular than this!  Just one of the many little lakes along the route.

The Dempster in late summer

and now we are back on Tundra with the Tombstone Mountains in the distance…

Fall on the tundra

another road side lake or pond

Chapman Lake in fall

Chapman Lake…

Back at Tombstone

and now back in Tombstone park.

Two Moose Lake

Two Moose Lake – and still no moose – quite a few tourists though and lot’s of moose tracks…

The highway at Two Moose Lake

still at Two Moose Lake….you can see the road is pretty darn good here…

Tombstone Mountains

further along we pulled into an old gravel pit where we had stopped before…there had been Willow Ptarmigan here on our previous trip and we had yet to see one this trip…

Ptarmigan on the road

but then, suddenly one appeared on the road….


and then another….this one a male…

crossing the road

this leads to the question of ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’

Young one on the road

well in this case it was because most of the family was on the other side!  Here a young one…

Can you see three?

some of the family…

at the edge of the tundra

moving off into the tundra

getting invisible

and disappearing in the vegetation….

Amaranth or sorrel

I’m throwing this in…it was flowering in the parking area.  I think it is a kind of sorrel but haven’t been able to ID it yet…

The Tombstone Mountains

Now back to the look out just before the campground…the tundra is really starting to change colour now…I knew we were too early!!!!

We arrived at the campground mid-afternoon and were lucky to get a spot…we would spend the next day here so will save campground area photos for another posting.

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