Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to the Dempster, 2011 – Part 3 b

The weather hasn’t gotten any better here in real time, so back to Kiniskan where we woke up to not a bad day…cloudy and showery from time to time but not bad considering…

There they go

Ernie and Don headed out fishing….

Caught a fish

and this time he actually caught a fish…we won’t say how many Don caught.  Our thing is photographing anything to do with nature….theirs is fishing…’nuff said!

Is anybody going to let me in?

back at the campsite April had discovered there was a real ‘house’ here….would somebody please let me in???

Spruce Grouse!

Later we set out to go for a walk along the trail that runs beside the lake…Shantz was the one that spotted this Spruce Grouse family right at the entrance to the trail…mom on the right, one of the youngsters on the left…

Grouse in the bush

think this was another of the youngsters….saw 3, there may well have been more…they are very good at hiding..

Trail along the lake

the trail runs along the lakeshore headed away from the campground…

at the end of the lake

ending at this open area…

Least Sandpiper

There were quite a few Shorebirds here…including this Least Sandpiper…(Ernie took this picture)

Solitary feeding

and a Solitary Sandpiper…

Couple of Common Loon

some Loons out on the lake but that big raft of them seen the day before was gone…

Black Currents

in my quest for berry pictures….here were some nice ripe Black Currants…

Northern Grass of Parnassus

and here was where we first spotted this white flower…it’s name is ‘Northern Grass of Parnassus’ – a rather long name for quite a small flower.  The ‘colour’ is ‘Bastard Toadflax’ and we’ll be seeing a lot more of this plant…

Sitka Burnet

another flower here, although past it’s prime was ‘Sitka Burnet’

Prickly Puffballs

and the fungi here were these ‘prickly’ puffballs which again…aren’t in the book we bought…they were growing in the gravel right at the edges of the road.

Possibly Tennasee Warblers?

and we’ll end the day with some more birds…these are young Tennessee Warblers… We spent a total of 2 nights at Kiniskan…tomorrow we’ll be moving on…

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